Jebel Um Adami

Jebel Um Adami lies on the border between Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The intersection of the border cuts the mountain into two halves, but we are lucky to have the summit on our side.

The summit, which is the highest point in Jordan, is a staggering 1800 m above sea level. We will approach the summit from the northeast side, and from there you will be able to see the amazing Saudi Arabian desert on the far horizon. Also on a clear day, the azure blue waters of the Red Sea (Aqaba) can be seen.

Jebel Um Adami is situated some 40km south of Wadi Rum right above the Saudi border.
To get there, driving through the ever changing desert of Wadi Rum is a beautiful journey by itself. The hike upon the mountain is quite simple, and the panorama at the top is surprising.

Jebel Um Adami, is situated on a geological border and the contrast between the Rum landscape and the view towards Saudi Arabiais stunning. And the highest summit in Jordan a height of 1.854 meters above sea level.

This expedition offers many opportunities to see the rich wildlife .

Photo Gallery: Jabel Um Adaami