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Climb the Burdah Arch

Burdah Arch is deservedly one of the best known and the most spectacular sites in Wadi Rum. It is situated about 300meters above the sand and the views from there are magnificent. This time we offer it as an addition to our normal jeep tour.
As usual we start in the village and drive first to Lawrence's Spring and then to the red sand dunes in Wadi Um Ishrin and to Jebel Anafishiya where you can also see some Nabatean inscriptions. We continue to the Barragh Canyon. Here we have lunch.
After lunch we proceed to Jebel Burdah and climb the Arch. We come down from the back, and cross a rocky plateau before reaching the Arch itself. The climb is not a hike - you will need to use your hands over the rocks and you will be happier if you have a fairly good head for heights, but it is straightforward with no real need for a rope. Any adult who is reasonably fit can do this climb, but it is not suitable for children under 16 years old. The climb and the descent normally take about 3 to 4 hours. The continuation to the summit of the mountain is much more difficult and is not included in this trip.
When we come down we shall usually return to the camp for dinner, since it will probably be close to sunset. In the summer, if we have time we can call quickly at the Um Fruth Bridge.


Footwear: Obviously boots are better here, but they are not essential. Good walking shoes with cotton socks will do quite well.
Other equipment: You will also need a rucksack or shoulder bag for water, and such oddments as your camera, sunscreen, a light sweater according to seasonand perhaps some biscuits for a snack.


Price : for 2-3 people 90 JD per person, for 4 people or more 70 JD/person. This includes all meals and sleeping equipment.



We do have climbing tours for people whose interests are climbing ! Please Booking / Contact for details ...

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